Terms & Conditions

Extracts of version 4.1 updated on 26/02/15 - Full Version available on request

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I. Definitions

A. Organiser

Means the Festival Market Ireland Limited T/A the French Market of Ireland – also referred as FMI, we, our, ours – and includes its subsidiary(ies) & holder(s).

B. Exhibitor

Means any exhibitor, trader or corporate, who has accepted those terms according to Paragraph II – also referred as you, your, yours.

C. Host

Means any Local Authority, any Festival Committee, any Shopping Centre or any private, public or corporate, formal or informal body which has invited FMI to held an Exhibition at any location & date.

D. Registration form

Means the Exhibitor’s registration form which is to be returned fully filled and signed with all relevant documentation and which is valid till the end of the year..

E. Exhibition

Means a market or show, indoor or outdoor, which duration is of one or several days, as defined on our schedule & website, including set up & break down time.

F. Visitor

Means member of the public visiting the Exhibition, and neither part of FMI, nor of the Host, nor of any Exhibitor.

G. Event

Means the association of the Exhibition and of any animation organised directly or not by the Host at the date & in the vicinity of the Exhibition.

H. Pitch

Means the space allocated to each exhibitor for the duration of an exhibition.


Means the Duty Manager or Manager on Duty.

II. Conditions of Contract

By returning the Exhibitor registration form, you ascertain to the best of your knowledge the truthfulness of all given information.

It is your responsibility to amend & update the information whenever required.

We may assign, subcontract, novate or transfer any or all of our rights and obligations under these terms.