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Dial: +353 87 13 15 659

We aim at having a team composed as follow: 40% French, 35% Continental and 25% Irish, those percentage being considered in term of linear frontage. Products on offer will include: Take-Away food, Hot & Cold Drink, Food and Craft. Our team is looking for Professional Traders with:

This last point is of the uppermost importance, as Markets are not all profitable. Usually, one out of 3 or 4 might find trader at a loss, whatever the reason can be (Weather, Sport Game…). And it is in those difficult days that the attitude showed by the traders build up the reputation and brand of the French & Continental Market of Ireland.

This is why we offer competitive rate, and more especially to traders who share our view on our long-term strategy and decide to get into our Regular and Master Trader schemes.

The French Market of Ireland have designed 3 categories of Traders: Master, Regular and Occasional. We encourage to move to Regular and Master categories by adhering to the following conditions. Moving from Occasional to Regular or from Regular to Master gives traders an average discount of 13.5% on linear frontage, plus benefits.

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