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You - Promotion - Animation - Catering

Dial: +353 87 13 15 659

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a Festival Committee
a Town, Borough, City or County Council
a Chamber of Commerce or Town Management Centre
a Tourist Office or Heritage Centre
a Group or Association.

We can help you with the promotion, animation & catering for your Festival, Event, Venue, Town or City!
Also, inviting a French & Continental Market, has proven to be a good way of launching or re-launching a weekly market!

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It is all about increasing the Foot Fall! We offer:

Advertising package made of Press Release & suitable signage;

High visibility which helps attracting passing-by drivers and tourists;

Improving the Google ranking of your website (thank to a link from our own).

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It is all about creating an Atmosphere!

Add Color to your event or festival;

Holding a very lively attraction;

Adding some entertainment on request.

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With our various and diverse food stalls, the French Market of Ireland can ensure an Outdoor Catering Service of Quality. Depending on the size of the event, we can delegate a selection of traders.