New FB Page
Please like or follow our new facebook page. You will find more photos and videos & noticifications of our upcoming events. posted 09/05/14

Website Revamped
Much more to browse through whoever you are visitor, host or trader, or even looking for a summer job. posted 30/04/14

Celebrate Democracy! Democracy's based on the Separation of three powers : Executive (Government), Legislative (Parliament) & Judiciary. In Ireland, the Government being the emanation of the Dáil, the Seanad is...
posted 30/09/13

Host Terms & Conditions: New Version As a result of our on-going procedure improvement, we have updated our Host Terms & Conditions. The version 4.3.1... posted 31/08/13

"The End" Long awaited news, it is with a great pleasure that I can announce the end of the French Market of Ireland as... posted 30/06/2013

Less French... more Irish & Continental! As a sign of those times, it is getting more difficult to get quality French stalls over, as such the proportion of stalls has now... posted 15/05/2013

Back where we ended! It is somehow pleasant to restart our activity after a year hiatus where we ended. Repeat business showing customers' satisfaction. posted 15/02/2013

New Activity After few months of development, a new activity is going to be launched in the next few weeks. posted 15/06/2012